A Season of Footage and Films Part 9. Four Times Bob.

on Saturday, February 19th
7:00 pm onwards
CAMP roof

Four Times Bob
A cut of four films on Bob Dylan.
100 mins.

In this screening, Sanjay Bhangar produces a cut from four films on Bob Dylan, including:

1> Don't Look Back ( D.A. Pennebaker, 1967, 96 mins) a landmark; as a film and as a document of rock history. Directed by Pennebaker, one of the pioneers of direct cinema, the film starts with one of the first-of-its kind "music videos", and proceeds to document everything from intimate late-night moments to live performances in Dylan's 1965 tour of England.  

2> Eat The Document ( Bob Dylan,1972, 54 mins) : In 1966, Pennebaker once again accompanied Dylan on his tour of the UK - this time Dylan had 'gone electric', with The Hawks backing him through the second half of his performance. After this tour, Dylan would not allow Pennebaker to complete the film. Eventually, Dylan and Howard Alk spent some time editing what became "Eat the Document", a widely bootlegged piece of video material.

3> No Direction Home ( Martin Scorsese, 2005, 208 mins) :  This film is a series of interviews with Dylan himself, Joan Baez and others. The film inter-cuts the interviews with pieces of footage taken from earlier films, piecing together Dylan's life from his arrival in New York City in '61 up until his motorcycle accident in '66.

4> I'm Not There ( Todd Haynes, 2007, 135 mins) : This film has six characters enacting different 'ghosts' of Bob Dylan. The movie contains many, sometimes surreal, re-enactments of scenes from archival footage, mostly from the above films.

"here lies bob dylan
from behind
by trembling flesh
who after being refused by Lazarus,
jumped on him
for solitude
but was amazed to discover
that he was already
a streetcar &

that was exactly the end
of bob dylan

he now lies in Mrs. Actually's
beauty parlor
God rest his soul
& his rudeness

two brothers
& a naked mama's boy
who looks like Jesus Christ

can now share the remains
of his sickness
& his phone numbers

there is no strength
to give away -
everybody now
can just have it back

here lies bob dylan
demolished by Vienna politeness-

which will now claim to have invented him
the cool people can
now write Fugues about him
& Cupid can now kick over his kerosene lamp
boy dylan-killed by a discarded Oedipus
who turned
to investigate a ghost

& discovered that
the ghost too
was more than one person."

- Bob Dylan, Tarantula, 1965-66

Gallery: A Season of Footage and Films Part 9. Four Times Bob.
A Season of Footage and Films

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