A Tama for Ektachrome

with LabA
on the island of Tinos
11-08-2013 to 21-08-2013

A funeral for Ektachromes colour reversal film in the form of a gathering of kindred souls, with lots of filming, and processing. 

Bye Bye Ektachrome. Zindabad film. 

Thank you LabA, Athens. 

Gallery: EKS VOTO
CAMP: Beginnings

Beginnings is an exhibition tracing some of the conceptual and artistic origins of CAMP. At ARGOS, Brussels as part of new beginnings at ARGOS itself.

City Housing in a Cultural Matrix

Ghar Mein Shehar Hona is now online . See more at At Ghar.with.CAMP

From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf

At Body Building
Ishara Art Foundation

A Photogenetic Line: Experimenter 2019

A 100-foot long branching sequence of cutouts drawing from the photo archives of The Hindu, a 140-year old newspaper. Cutouts here are a way of reframing existing photographs as new organisms and to create a new boundary or border for the image.

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