Inlaks Fine Art Awardees 2023: Open Studio

Saturday, June 10th 2023, 6pm onwards.

An outcome of a 6-week residency at CAMP in Chuim village Khar, a continuing dialogue with each other and with the studio.

Showing new works that result in changes of position, transfer, camouflage, stitching, radiation and other moves; "forms after form" have resulted from the intimacy of urban encounter. Hoping to inspire debate on possible artforms today.

6 pm: Doors Open

7 pm: Artists Walk and Talk

8 pm: Discussion moderated by CAMP


Rabiul Khan invokes multiple temporary layers: spaces, forms & people. Via an alternative process of mapping through collected clothes and conversations from the locality, Rabiul has created a flying 'Shamiana' full of questions. In Santiniketan he is building a new space for art and community experimentation.

Gyanwant Yadav has made surfaces and shapes from urban soil and debris that make a moving "land", and mountains on walls. He is from Pratapgarh and lives in Delhi, and has interests in farming, soil and lived textures.

Khandakar Ohida is interested in personal memory, marginalised voice, collective resistance, and nonlinear stories interacting with various societal layers. She explores the city as a fictional space for women’s spirit and resistance.

Sheshadev Sagria explores movements into disappearance and back, and interplay between objects and subjects to create new kinds of identity. In Mumbai he found in his schoolmate a radiating body, which has emitted various patterns, light, shadow and forms at a construction site. Friendship was the primary tool which helped him to gather and trace outwards various kind of marks, from the skin to an exoskeletal imagination.

Mohit Shelare constructs and activates thinking through the exploration of contamination and equality. He shows in a new 16 minute video essay, unequal measures of toxicity, death of sense as a new form of life, and breathing fragments of wastewater infrastructures.

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Book Opening

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The central event of a month-long gathering organised around the 10th anniversary of the footage archive, and the 5th anniversary of

Experience and Infrastructure

A Seminar on the Arts at CAMP

August 5-7, 2017

Inviting participants, from any background and from anywhere if you can manage travel to Mumbai, to be part of this event through its duration. We will organise in cases of need, accommodation and travel support within India for 3-4 people. There is no fee for participation.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. List of participants is below:

CAMP awarded Nam June Paik Art Center Prize 2020

Image: CAMP studio (handmade book scanner, optical scanner, four computers, NVR recorder, joystick, microphones, salad box, water, biscuits, coffee on the folding table. Bookshelves made of paper rolls, books, routers, awards, air conditioning and fan above. Inventory of electronics + museum of Jurassic technology below the tables, flooring replaced from wear. Some persons on a break, a person taking the picture.) (Reverse angle image is here)

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2020 at Horniman Circle Garden

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