Sept Soirees

Sept Soirees was a series of battery-powered "evenings" in the Marche N' Gellaw, a suburban market in Dakar, Senegal. These evenings were conceived in a situation where there is scarce time, space or other resources for communal activity at a certain scale. Also because of the peculiar condition of cinemas in Dakar: there are only two still functioning.
These "micro-cinema" and "micro-radio" events are performed by showing up at a street corner with some equipment, and negotiating the rest.

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Patrick Watkins, Daoda Arfang Kote, Nyaga, Ndiaga, Batje, Ableye and DJ Amala Doucoure.

Special thanks to:
Modibo Diaware, Baba Diop, Kan-si Salaam, Jean-luc, Manu Louisgrand, Paulette and our wonderful hosts at Ker Thiosanne: Marion Louisgrand, Francois Sylla, Marie-Anna Tsagouris, Moussa, Adama, Seree.

Thanks also to:
Djibril, Genova, Amadou Kane, Mamadou Pam, Rana Singh, Ramata.

And at Marche N'Gellaw, Abdour Rahman-ly, Macky Ndiaye, Usman Cisse, Diop et freres and many many others.

Sept Soiress took place during a residency at Ker-Thiosanne during AfroPixel 08, part of the Dakar Off-Bienalle.

Two: Micro Radio

Marche N'Gellaw - I 103 FM. Ak DJ Amala and the shops around Bisuiterie rue 18.

Five: Cinema Hindou

Cinema Hindou- Anhoni Ko Honi kar De (Hindi Cinema: make the unreal, real)

Six: After School

A study break and a peek into the going-ons in the neighbouring kognes during English class.

One, Micro Cinema

After many meetings with various groups in the market, we decided to begin with "micro cinema" for the premiere soiree. We chose Mandabi, (Le Mandat In French), by one of Senegal's well known directors (and novelists), Ousmane Sembene.

Four: Cinema Wolof-II

Cinema Wolof: The little girl who stole the sun, Mambety's last film from his unfinished trilogy, 'tales of the little people.'

Seven: Sept Soirees

Sept soirees au marche N'Gellaw-I

Three: Street Performance

You Are Now

as part of
Proposals for a Memorial to Partition
Curated by Murtaza Vali

CAMP draws a series of lines between this and that exhibition.Not only between country A and country B, or horizontally between peoples or on the plane of "cultural exchanges" or "extra-national space", but vertically, or diagonally, reaching out to an actual place, to its actual power and presence.


at de(Coding) Mumbai
With Shaina, Ashok and Simpreet
and Adarsh, Alyque, Naezy, Nayak, Medha, Sandeep, Rajjo, Tiger.

Passages through Passages الرفيق قبل الطريق

A survey exhibition of the spatial, technical and cultural imaginations cultivated by CAMP.

When the Cold Blows

A performance by our collaborators on, Seoul Express. More details:

The Neighbour before the House الجار قبل الدار

New Media Gallery

From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf

Watch and Chill
West Kowloon Cultural District

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