Sept Soirees

Sept Soirees was a series of battery-powered "evenings" in the Marche N' Gellaw, a suburban market in Dakar, Senegal. These evenings were conceived in a situation where there is scarce time, space or other resources for communal activity at a certain scale. Also because of the peculiar condition of cinemas in Dakar: there are only two still functioning.
These "micro-cinema" and "micro-radio" events are performed by showing up at a street corner with some equipment, and negotiating the rest.

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Patrick Watkins, Daoda Arfang Kote, Nyaga, Ndiaga, Batje, Ableye and DJ Amala Doucoure.

Special thanks to:
Modibo Diaware, Baba Diop, Kan-si Salaam, Jean-luc, Manu Louisgrand, Paulette and our wonderful hosts at Ker Thiosanne: Marion Louisgrand, Francois Sylla, Marie-Anna Tsagouris, Moussa, Adama, Seree.

Thanks also to:
Djibril, Genova, Amadou Kane, Mamadou Pam, Rana Singh, Ramata.

And at Marche N'Gellaw, Abdour Rahman-ly, Macky Ndiaye, Usman Cisse, Diop et freres and many many others.

Sept Soiress took place during a residency at Ker-Thiosanne during AfroPixel 08, part of the Dakar Off-Bienalle.

Two: Micro Radio

Marche N'Gellaw - I 103 FM. Ak DJ Amala and the shops around Bisuiterie rue 18.

Five: Cinema Hindou

Cinema Hindou- Anhoni Ko Honi kar De (Hindi Cinema: make the unreal, real)

Six: After School

A study break and a peek into the going-ons in the neighbouring kognes during English class.

One, Micro Cinema

After many meetings with various groups in the market, we decided to begin with "micro cinema" for t

Four: Cinema Wolof-II

Cinema Wolof: The little girl who stole the sun, Mambety's last film from his unfinished trilogy, 't

Seven: Sept Soirees

Sept soirees au marche N'Gellaw-I

Three: Street Performance

CCTV Landscape from Moulali-Entally

A single camera mounted on the roof of Gem Cinema brings us multifarious textures, factoids and fabulations


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Live Event
The New Medium II: Footage Films. 17 Oct, PVR Icon 6:30 pm

From the Mediastorm

With Ranjani Mazumdar, Shohini Ghosh, Charu Gargi and Shikha Jingan Live Event The New Medium II

CCTV Landscape from Lower Parel

A 200-year neighbourhood story told through a single camera mounted on a cinema hall. Opening eve


Footage Films 14 films and three live events that explode the relationship between Footage and Film

What is Privacy?

Friday 15th September 2017.5:00pm to 6:30 pm at CAMP. An evening discussion with Usha Ramanathan, Vi

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Structure of a Forthcoming Film
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