Some names for CAMP that people "liked" on our first website 2007 to 2011, on which a script would make a fresh one every time it was visited. It began as a joke about how to name an organisation in India...

Consciousness Allowing for My Politics
Campaign Allowing for Multiple Parties
Computer Around Meaningless Promises
Camp Approach to Multiple Policy
Code After Metaphorical Potentials
Challenges And Moral Power
Collective Appropriating Media Publics
Cooperation And Missing Permissions
Critical Approach to More Policy
Confidence Among Metaphorical Practices
Camp Across Mumbai Partnerships
Creating Art as Media Panoramas
Camp As Magical Partnerships
Challenges Against Many Police
Citizens Allowing for Moral Publics
Challenges After My Promises
Contracts Across Model Publics
Critical Art and Mumbai Parties
Collective Across Missing Panoramas
Culture Against Moral Philosophies
Comfort According to Marginal Publics
Collective And Moral Panoramas
Citizens And Multiple Peripheries
Computer Allowing for Moral Policies
Conversation About Meta Police
Campaign Across Media Peripheries
Consciousness Approach to Magical Promises
Comfort After Materialist Police
Cooperation And My People
Contracts Allowing for My Protests
Consciousness Allowing for More Partnerships
Code Allowing for Minor Practice
Community Appropriating My Panoramas
Camp Art as Metaphorical Panoramas
Culture After Micro Philosophies
Code And Magical Promises
Creating Against Metropolitan Practice
Comfort Among Media Parties
Culture Art and Many Promises
Community Among My Publics
Camp Art and Micro Potentials
Culture About Meaningless Permissions
Contracts Approach to Mumbai Permissions
Community Against Mumbai Parties
Collective Against Moral Politics
Cooperation As Magical Policies
Commons Art as Materialist Protests
Critical Art as Media Practice
Collective Allowing for Many Potentials
Code After Metropolitan Partnerships
Creating Art or Media Publics?
Conversation As Media Practice
Contracts Art or Multiple Peers?
Community Allowing for More Publications
Collaboration After My Publications
Community Across My Peers
Challenges After Meaningless Parties
Challenges After Metropolitan Practice
Citizens Against More Power
Culture Art or Meaningless Partnerships?
Computer Allowing for Model Panoramas
City Art or Mumbai Politics?
Contracts And Metaphorical Practices
Challenges Against Micro Promises
Critical Art or Many Publications?
Culture After More People
Creating After Media Practices
Computer According to Missing Possibilities
Community Art or Mofussil Publications?
Confidence After Most Partnerships
Critical About Metropolitan Programs
Code Across Multiple Potentials
Collective Allowing for Many People
Consciousness And Moral Power
Computer Allowing for Moral Promises
Collective Allowing for My Possibilities
Consciousness After Meaningless Possibilities
Confidence Art and My Practices
Commons Art or Metropolitan Politics?
Collective After Materialist Promises
Computer Art or Model Policies?
City After Media Potentials
Confidence And My Programs
Campaign Art and Meaningless Promises
Camp Art or Missing People?
Campaign About Media Programs
Commons After Model Promises
Culture According to Materialist Practices
Collective Appropriating Most People
Campaign After Metaphorical Peripheries
Collaboration As per Multiple Publications
Camp Appropriating Model Programs
Code Across Mechanical Practices
Computer And Many Policies
Citizens Art or Mechanical Protests?
Consciousness According to Media Police
Creating And Minor Politics
Community Art or Meta Permissions?
Code Art or Model Parties?
Collaboration According to Missing People
Contracts Art or Moral Partnerships?
Code And Marginal Possibilities
Cooperation Approach to Many Protests
Collective Art or Marginal Practices?
Computer Among Mechanical Privates
Culture As per Many Potentials
Commons After Meaningless Paradise
Computer Around Metropolitan Power
Collaboration Against Most Politics
Collective Adjusting to Mumbai Partnerships
City As per Many Possibilities
Conversation After Multiple Police
Comfort Art or Missing Promises?
Challenges After Micro Promises
Collective Allowing for Moral Philosophies
Computer After Many Protests
Culture According to Magical People
Collaboration Allowing for Magical Panoramas
Commons Art and Mechanical Power
Culture Approach to Media Privates
Critical About Moral Protests
Computer Art and Meta People
Community Around My Paradise
Confidence About Magical Possibilities
City After Missing Publications
Code Art or Multiple Power?
Consciousness Among Model Possibilities
Collaboration As per Moral Publications
Creating Appropriating My Politics
Company After Materialist Publications
Conversation Against My Peripheries
Culture Among Magical Potentials
Comfort After Model People
Conversation Art or Moral Protests?
Collective Across Moral Paradise
Confidence Allowing for Moral People
Comfort About More People
Critical Around Marginal Paradise
Camp Around More Programs
Collective And Marginal Power
Confidence After Metaphorical Possibilities
Comfort Appropriating Most Publications
Contracts According to Moral Paradise
Commons According to Magical Protests
Community After Media Panoramas
Contracts Art as Most Permissions
Culture After Metropolitan Peers
Culture Art or Moral Publics?
Contracts Allowing for Meaningless Parties
Camp After Media Permissions
Collaboration Appropriating Many Parties
Campaign Across Minor Promises
Company Allowing for My Politics
Creating As Mofussil Publics
Culture Among Mechanical Programs
Commons As per Meta Practice
Company Against Metaphorical Protests
Contracts Allowing for Metaphorical Paradise
Consciousness Art and Multiple Publications
Computer According to Moral Politics
Confidence Art and Model Permissions
Conversation As Many Publications
Collaboration Around My Programs
Comfort As per Magical Panoramas
Company According to My Philosophies
Community About Magical Promises
Computer Adjusting to Multiple Policies
Culture Adjusting to Multiple Potentials
Community Art or Multiple People?
Cooperation Allowing for Moral Possibilities
Commons Against Metaphorical Promises
Conversation And Micro Possibilities
Collective And Minor Paradise
Confidence About My Privates
Company Allowing for Most Possibilities
Citizens Art or Mofussil Permissions?
Collective Against Missing Paradise
Confidence Art or Mechanical Promises?
City Across Marginal Power
Camp After Metaphorical Protests
Critical After Micro Publics
Consciousness As per Materialist Peripheries
Confidence Art or Micro Publics?
Collective Adjusting to Metaphorical People
Commons After Media Policies
Collective As Metropolitan Partnerships
Culture About Meaningless Politics
Comfort Against Meaningless Parties
Computer Allowing for Mechanical Publics
Confidence And Minor Publications
Code Against Meaningless Policies
Confidence After Missing Publications
Confidence Art or Missing Peers?
Code Allowing for Meta Practices
Commons Art or Marginal Philosophies?
Community And Most Policies
Challenges Appropriating Moral Power
Commons As per My People
Collective After Meaningless Privates
Campaign Against My Partnerships
Company Art as Meaningless Promises
Campaign After Mofussil Police
Campaign According to Magical Publics
Commons According to Micro Power
Commons Appropriating Magical Protests
Collaboration Appropriating Meaningless Privates
Consciousness Allowing for Magical Publics
Computer Art as Multiple Promises
Code As per My Publics
Collective Against Moral Parties
Code Art and My Permissions
Conversation Art as Metaphorical Possibilities
Collective As My Peripheries
Critical After Multiple Philosophies
City Against My Peers
Comfort Approach to Marginal Panoramas
Computer Art and Mofussil Promises
Code Art and More Police
Company Appropriating Media Permissions
Consciousness As per Minor Partnerships
Culture Art or More People?
City After Media Peripheries
Community After Magical Permissions
Comfort As Moral Publics
Creating As per Meta Potentials
Collective After Many Privates
Company After My Promises
Cooperation Among Moral Potentials
Conversation Against My Partnerships
Cooperation Across Materialist Practice
Collective Art as Mumbai Promises
Culture And Metaphorical Peers
Consciousness Against Moral Policies
Computer After Many Potentials
Citizens Art and Media Practices
Code Against Moral People
Culture Art and Model Promises
Challenges Around Metaphorical Promises
Collective About My Protests
Culture Art or Metaphorical Peripheries?
Collaboration About Marginal Paradise
Commons Art and Media Permissions
Camp And Mofussil Peers
Consciousness Appropriating Moral Practice
Computer After More Police
Comfort Against Meta Protests
Cooperation As per Materialist Possibilities
Cooperation Around Moral Privates
City Art or Moral Politics?
Consciousness Art as Mumbai Practice
Company Allowing for More People
Collective Art or Minor People?
Camp According to Moral People
Collaboration Adjusting to Meaningless Potentials
Camp According to Minor Protests
Creating Art and Micro Panoramas
Comfort Among Materialist Promises
Commons Among Missing Potentials
Creating Among Materialist Publications
Commons Art as More Partnerships
Computer As Mumbai Police
Challenges Against Micro Paradise
Collaboration Among Moral Policies
Citizens Allowing for Metropolitan Promises
Collective Appropriating My Power
Culture Art as Materialist Programs
Culture And Materialist Programs
Camp As per Minor Practice
Citizens Allowing for Micro Policies
Contracts Around Moral Promises
Collective Art and Marginal Publics
Collective Art and Media Promises
Creating Allowing for My Parties
Culture Art and Metaphorical Publications
Citizens After Meaningless Peripheries
Community Around Moral Paradise
Collaboration After Metaphorical Practices
Critical After More Protests
Citizens About My People
Cooperation Allowing for My Publics
Conversation Against Moral People
Creating As per Mofussil Politics
Citizens Approach to Materialist Politics
Commons Appropriating Metaphorical Publics
Computer Art as Mechanical Promises
Challenges After Multiple Politics
Challenges Among Mofussil Practice
Collective As per Meta Practice
Company Art or My Partnerships?
Culture Art and Metropolitan Power
Cooperation Approach to Media Practices
Consciousness Art or Media Parties?
Camp Against Metaphorical Partnerships
Collective After Mechanical Publications
Challenges Allowing for Moral Programs
Contracts Allowing for Moral Promises
Conversation Around Many Potentials
Comfort Across Marginal Philosophies
Company According to Mechanical Partnerships
Collective Approach to Media Parties
Commons As Moral Promises
Collective Allowing for Metaphorical Publications
Consciousness Allowing for Minor Parties
Collaboration Art or Metropolitan Publics?
Contracts Art as Moral Possibilities
Confidence Art and Metaphorical Potentials
Culture Art or Minor Practice?
Computer Art or Moral Politics?
Code After Moral Permissions
Challenges Art or Media Panoramas?
Cooperation According to My Privates
Citizens Approach to More Publications
Collective According to Magical Publics
Conversation Across My Publics
Company As per Media Peers
City After Media Paradise
Cooperation As Mofussil Politics
Confidence Adjusting to My Parties
Culture Against Moral Practice
Critical Art or Missing Publications?
Contracts Adjusting to Mumbai Publications
Confidence After Marginal Programs
Citizens Art or Multiple Peers?
Culture Adjusting to Magical Publications
City Art or Model Paradise?
Cooperation Appropriating Mumbai Partnerships
Critical Approach to Moral Power
Commons Against Most Promises
Culture Appropriating Materialist Publics
Conversation Against Minor Panoramas
Cooperation Against Moral Philosophies
Culture Against Moral Policies
Critical Approach to Missing Paradise
Culture After Model Promises
Conversation Against Magical Practice
Commons Allowing for Micro Panoramas
Campaign Art as Model Promises
Citizens About Moral Partnerships
Culture As per Moral Programs
Cooperation Appropriating Multiple Panoramas
Code Allowing for Minor Peers
Camp After Materialist Promises
Comfort Against Meta Promises
Company Adjusting to Metaphorical Practice
Campaign As per Materialist Paradise
Collaboration According to Minor Politics
Computer Approach to Many Promises
Confidence Allowing for Meaningless Promises
Culture After Many Privates
Camp Appropriating Media Paradise
Collective As Many Potentials
Consciousness Art or Mumbai Peers?
Campaign Art or Meaningless People?
Culture And My Policies
Contracts Against Mumbai Promises
Comfort After More Promises
Culture After Missing Promises
Commons Art or Many Panoramas?
Collaboration Art or Micro Permissions?
Culture And My Promises
Comfort And Moral Practices
Creating Across Metropolitan Philosophies
Contracts And Minor Panoramas
Collective Art or Mechanical Privates?
Commons After Meta Parties
Commons After Metropolitan Parties
Cooperation After Micro Potentials
Collective Against More Paradise
Consciousness Around Mumbai Peripheries
Collaboration Approach to Missing Privates
Critical Against Metaphorical Philosophies
Code Adjusting to Magical Policies
Contracts Among Meta Programs
City Allowing for Mumbai Paradise
City Allowing for My Practices
Computer Among My Permissions
Conversation And Many Peers
Collaboration And Meta Politics
Camp Approach to My People
Commons Art as Media Parties
Confidence Approach to Moral Peers
Commons After Meta Power
Collective About My Privates
Community As per Metaphorical Practices
Company Against Media Publics
Consciousness After Minor Power
Community Approach to Moral People
Critical Against Model Publics
Collective Approach to Multiple Permissions
Consciousness Against My People
City After Multiple Practice
Comfort Around My Publications
Conversation Against Moral Policies
Critical According to Metropolitan Publications
City According to Model Practices
Collaboration Approach to Meta Parties
Code And Magical Programs
Commons Around Mechanical Programs
Cooperation Around Materialist People
Culture As Micro Promises
City And Metropolitan Permissions
Collaboration Art or Materialist Permissions?
Company And Moral Paradise
Community Against Many Publications
Computer Allowing for Missing Power
Collective Against Media Panoramas
Critical Allowing for Meaningless Practices
Contracts After Magical Paradise
Conversation About Missing Privates
Commons Art or Multiple Promises?
Code As Magical Promises
Computer About More Philosophies
Commons Approach to Metropolitan Paradise
Critical Art and Media Publics
Campaign Across Metaphorical Peers
Cooperation Art or Media Partnerships?
Computer And Magical Police
Culture After Materialist Politics
Commons Around Metropolitan Publics
Creating Against Moral People
Camp After Moral Protests
Company Across More Practice
Comfort Art as Marginal Policies
Culture Against My Practice
Contracts Allowing for Metropolitan Policies
Critical Art or My Politics?
Culture Against Media Police
Collaboration Art as Moral Publics
Creating And Many Promises
Collective Art or Magical Promises?
Consciousness Against Missing Policies
Creating About Mechanical Protests
Collective Against Media Programs
Confidence Appropriating Model Programs
Collaboration About Media Promises
Comfort Among Materialist Peripheries
Consciousness Around Media Parties
Critical And Many Possibilities
Collective Art and Mumbai Politics
Creating After Multiple Potentials
Contracts Among My Panoramas
Comfort As per Moral Promises
Code As per More Panoramas
Computer Among Model Parties
Campaign After My Promises
Collective After Moral Partnerships
City After Moral Policies
Collective Around Most Promises
Code Around Multiple People
Consciousness As More Privates
Critical And Magical Philosophies
Collective Against Marginal Policies
Code Against Minor Publics
Consciousness And Meaningless Philosophies
Culture Art as Magical People
Culture Art and More Partnerships
Collaboration Art and Mechanical Practices
Community Art or Marginal Promises?
Community And Media Potentials
Creating Allowing for My Publications
Community Among Most Practices
Comfort Around Model Privates
Culture Across Materialist Protests
Commons As per Multiple Politics
Culture Allowing for Model Practice
Challenges Art or My Publications?
Citizens After Media Publics
Code And Meaningless Partnerships
Creating Art or My Practices?
Critical As Most Promises
Computer Around Meaningless Publics
Contracts Approach to Mumbai Publics
Culture Art or Marginal Practices?
Contracts Allowing for Metropolitan Programs
Conversation Allowing for Marginal Politics
Consciousness Art or Meaningless Practices?
Collective And My Parties
Computer Around Most Peers
Community Adjusting to Media Philosophies
Collective Among Multiple Peripheries
Collaboration After Multiple Promises
Citizens Appropriating More Peers
Community Approach to Media Permissions
Creating After Minor Politics
Citizens Art and Many Protests
Critical After Media Programs
Collective Allowing for Metaphorical Possibilities
City About Media Panoramas
Critical Art or Multiple Possibilities?
Challenges Around Missing Peripheries
Commons Against Materialist Policies
Collaboration Adjusting to Mechanical Promises
Commons Against Media Permissions
Collective Allowing for Micro Practice
Culture Against Mofussil Permissions
Collaboration Approach to My Philosophies
Collective Adjusting to Meaningless Peers
Conversation Appropriating Minor Privates
Commons Art as Minor Policies
Challenges Allowing for Multiple Peripheries
Collaboration And Micro Possibilities
Commons Across Multiple Publics
Conversation And My Publics
Camp Allowing for Model Peripheries
Consciousness After Metaphorical Promises
Comfort Allowing for Magical Publics
Culture Against Moral Peripheries
Conversation As per Moral Police
Comfort As Marginal Police
Collective Allowing for Mechanical Privates
Consciousness Approach to Marginal Policies
Consciousness Among Moral Peers
Conversation Appropriating Media Publics
Creating According to Marginal Publics
Code About My Peripheries
Culture After Magical Peripheries
Community As per Micro Promises
Code About Most Parties
Conversation After Micro Publics
Cooperation After Mumbai Promises
Contracts Allowing for Micro Police
Code Art or Media Peers?
Culture Adjusting to Multiple Paradise
Community After Model Possibilities
Creating Approach to Missing Power
Conversation Against Moral Peers
Culture Around Model Policies
City Against Metropolitan Publications
City After Metropolitan Parties
Computer Art or Marginal Power?
Citizens As Missing Permissions
Culture Art or Meaningless Permissions?
Collective About Marginal Panoramas
Collective After Most Panoramas
Collaboration About Marginal People
City Adjusting to Moral Peers
Campaign Allowing for Magical Publics
Community And Media Paradise
Commons According to Magical Practices
Contracts Approach to Media Promises
Confidence After Mofussil Practices
Conversation As per Magical Paradise
Confidence After My Privates
Code As Media Power
Conversation Against Mechanical Partnerships
Contracts Allowing for Magical Practice
Culture Allowing for Metaphorical Permissions
Code Adjusting to Meta Publics
Camp Art as My Potentials
Conversation As Magical Protests
Contracts Art and Materialist Promises
Commons After Model Power
Creating According to Many Promises
Challenges Art or Moral Potentials?
Confidence About Magical Promises
City Art or Model Philosophies?
Campaign Against Micro Policies
Commons Art as Moral Paradise
Critical Against Multiple Permissions
Conversation As Most Permissions
Company And Moral Politics
Conversation Adjusting to My Peripheries
City After Micro Police
Camp Across Mechanical Promises
Challenges Art and Mumbai Practice
Community Art or Metaphorical Protests?
Campaign Across More Police
Confidence Against Media Panoramas
Code Against Magical Publications
Code Approach to Many Paradise
Commons About Mechanical Practice
Creating Allowing for Meaningless Potentials
Critical Adjusting to Mechanical Protests
Camp Art or My Publics?
Community After My Protests
Collaboration Among Metropolitan Peers
Creating As Magical Possibilities
Campaign Among Media Publications
City Among Marginal Promises
Challenges Allowing for Magical Paradise
Collective Appropriating Materialist Peers
Cooperation Art or Meta Possibilities?
Commons Art or Metaphorical Promises?
Confidence Approach to Minor Paradise
Commons Art and Missing Policies
Collaboration As Model Police
Critical Art and Most Power