301, top floor, Alif Apartments, 34-A Chuim Village. Khar (West), near Khar-Danda. (Google Map)

To find the nearest landmark, Ahmed Bakery in Chuim village:

1. If coming from Khar, come from Khar-Danda road. (Chitrakar Dhurandar road). Pass FabIndia etc and take the left at Hanuman Mandir/ Samudra hotel. Take the first right in a lane with a sign for CHUIM VILLAGE. Ahmed Bakery comes up on your right.

2. If coming from Ambedkar Road Khar or Bandra, head towards Danda and take a left in the lane with a sign for CHUIM VILLAGE. Ahmed Bakery comes up on your right, stop there.

3. If coming from South Bandra take the right at Coffee Day on Carter Road and then take the left at Olive and Out of the Blue. Follow the lane till it comes out near a Mandir. Take the right. Ahmed Bakery is on your left.

Opposite Ahmed Bakery is an empty plot with a bungalow in the back, and a black gate. Follow the walking path on the left of the plot till you come to a crucifix on the left and about 10 steps ahead. Take the stairs up, there is a building entrance to the right. This is Alif Apartments. Go to the top floor, we are the blue door.

Follow these directions and you will be here on time:)

  A H M E D
         B A K E R Y

                R O A D

      E M P T Y     P   H O U S E   R      A
                    A               O      M
C      H O U S E    T   H O U S E   A      B
A                   H               D      E
R         P A T H       P A T H            D
T                   S                      K
E           3 4 A   T   H O U S E          A
R                   A                      R
       CAMP         I     C H U I M
R                   R   V I L L A G E      R
D         D O O R   S                      D

                P A L I
                H I L L