Bombay Tilts Down in Mumbai!

7-channel environment. 13 mins, on loop with two alternating soundtracks

A vertical landscape movie in facets. Filmed remotely by one CCTV camera from a single-point location atop a 35-floor building on E. Moses Road during the pandemic.

Six long takes that begin in unstable skies and at sea, and descend “into the ordinary” via a vertical landscape filled with changing city landmarks, persistent settlements, details without end...

Each tilt downwards is composed of dozens of repeated shots that show and hide themselves. They become a fluid movement across categories, structures and lines made on land, an interest of CAMP for many years. The stacked and layered city in Parel and Worli (old Bombay tidal islands, and later forming the working-class heart of the city) is suggestive of new subject and object formations.

When people appear in the images, many seem to be aware of this eye in the sky. Everyone is or can be an actor, in diagonal pacts between people and camera. The potential of such new relations drives this work, part of long-term investigations at CAMP that include histories and futures of documentary and moving images, housing, infrastructure, and pleasure.

The soundtracks, haunted by sirens and poets are by BamBoy (Tushar Adhav) who grew up in Lalbaug, Parel.

Ashok Sukumaran Jan Gerber Rohan Chavan Shaina Anand Simpreet Singh Zinnia Ambapardiwala

With residents of Achanak Nagar, Maya Nagar, Siddharth Nagar, Jijamata Nagar, Mariamma Nagar, Ambedkar Wadi, Shreeram Mills, Lotus Colony, Madraswadi, Markandeshwar Nagar and BDD Chawls, Worli.

Ashok Salve, Babita Shettigar, DJ Mith, Farooq Shaikh, Haneefabi, Ibarat Shaikh, Kerabai Patil, Manisha Jadhav, Mohamadali Chaudhary, Mumtaz Ali, Nirupa Bhangar, Prabhakar Parab, Praveen Yerunkar, Shahida Shaikh, Rajendar Padave, Rajesh Singh, Salman Shaikh, Sangeeta Shetye, Savita Bansude, Sunaina Mane, Sunil Bhosale, Sunny Nair, Tarabai Chalke, Tejesh Sharma, Tukaram Sawant.

And K.A Abbas, Amar Shaikh Kala Pathak, Anna Bhau Sathe, Avahan Natya Manch, Begum Akhtar, Dhondutai Kulkarni, Narayan Surve, Neela Bhagwat, Sambhaji Bhagat, Vilas Ghogre. Mastered by Venkatesh Iyer.

CARPENTRY & WELDING Sarif Shaikh with Muslem Malik, Shehzada Shaikh, Inzamul Huq, Nizamuddin Shaikh, Mohammed Awais. Mohammed Shakib

THANK YOU Pravin Nerunkar, Shireen Gandhy, Adarsh Jatia. Neela Bhagwat, Sambhaji Bhagat, Anand Patwardhan, Monteiro-Jayasankar, Shiva Thorat, Vasudev Harekar, Swapnil Kamble, Foundation for Arts Initiatives, Nam June Paik Art Center, Kochi Muziris Biennale.

PRESENTED BY Experimenter Gallery in collaboration with Start India Foundation. Supported by the Mumbai Port Authority.

Gallery: Bombay Tilts Down at Sassoon Docks

Low-End Therapy
By Swadesi crew Kaali Duniya (Bamboy/Tushar Adhav) with guest MC's Kranti Naari, Pratika, MC Mawali, Khabardar Revolt.
BassBrahma and RaakShas Sound
Equality on the dance floor.


A tour of the work with CAMP in three acts.
12 January 7 pm, ft. Bamboy
13 January 6 pm
14 January 7:30 pm
20 January 7 pm

Bombay Tilts Down, 2022

13m 14s looped, seven channel environment with music
Filmed by CCTV camera from a single-point location in South-Central Mumbai.

Bombay Tilts Down Soundtrack

The soundtrack for Bombay Tilts down was composed by Tushar Adhav/Bamboy/Kaali Duniya - yes they are all the same person :-), over weeks of listening, sampling and playing with basslines and grooves at CAMP, and in sync with the 6 x 13 min videos. A 7th projection comprising of the lyric video provides the translations and credits for the songs and poetry of our city's writers, lok shahirs and musicians alongside whose work we all humbly and proudly stand.

With K.A Abbas, Amar Shaikh Kala Pathak, Anna Bhau Sathe, Avahan Natya Manch, Begum Akhtar, Dhondutai Kulkarni, Narayan Surve, Neela Bhagwat, Sambhaji Bhagat, Vilas Ghogre Full music credits here.

Mastered by Venkatesh Iyer.
With thanks to

Neela Bhagwat, Sambhaji Bhagat, Anand Patwardhan, Monteiro-Jayasankar

What the Cameras Saw and Remembered

Two films by CAMP
Al Jaar Qabla Al Daar (The Neighbour before the House)
From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf

To See is To Change

with Bombay Tilts Down (2022) and A Photogenic Line, (2019) as part of Photo 24, Melbourne.
In this pair of large-scale works, CAMP explore two sides of their practice; one that produces experimental film and video, often with unusual equipment and angles of participation, and another that creates and animates archives of moving images, documents and photography.

Concave Room

CheMoulding Part II - FUTURING
60 years of Chemould Gallery
+ CAMP invites:
Mohit Shelare, Curve in the Desire.
himanshu S and aqui T, Parallel Universe.


with Khorshed and Kekoo Gandhy

in CheMoulding Part II - FUTURING.
60 years of Chemould Gallery

Capital Circus, 2008

as part of
The Unfaithful Octopus
Nanyang Technological University

From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf


A newly commissioned video performance in the "Grand Stair".
Reclaiming the strange spectatorship of viewers who entered the 19th-century Camera Obscura rooms to see live views of their surroundings in today's time of real-time hyper surveillance, CAMP invites us to experience a contemporary form of Live Cinema.

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