Evenings at CAMP Rooftop

Nov. 1, 2016

The cinema on the roof-top is back this season, and will be hosting events just like before. Stay tuned for un-released films, archival journeys through unforeseen events, surprising assemblages of well-worn tropes, and some formal, contemplative cinema. 

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Past Present Future

A two-year long project housed at CAMP around peoples histories of Bombay-Mumbai.

R & R

Opens 20th March 2016 Blue Door Behind 21-B, Sindhu Housing SocietyLallubhai Compound Mankhurd

As If (I-V)

Save the Dates! As If (I-V) As If – I Rock, Paper, Scissors EXPERIMENTER, Kolkata January 7 - F

Umbrella library

is a work-in-progress online library, designed to expand the role of "lending libraries" towards the


Pad.ma has a sister now. indiancine.mawas launched at Jaaga, Bangalore by Sebastian Lütgert and Jan

Electronic Ear Cleaning

A project of listening, including with our ears, to some materials that seem to not touch us directl

The Country of the Blind, and Other Stories

60 minute film produced with the National Coastwatch Institution, Folkestone, Kent, UK.showing at th

A Season of Footage and Films

CAMP presents Saturday or Sunday evening screenings through winter, exploring footage both within a

The Edgware Road Project

CAMP is involved in a 2-year "print-from-web" project, linked to its own investigations of the infr

CAMP roof

Ashok and Azeer spent some time thinking about and building the CAMP terrace roof structure, built i