The New Medium

The New Medium ​was a curated programme for the Mumbai International Film Festival for three consecutive years (2016-2018). The inaugural program - in a twisted art-historical mode - framed cinema as a new medium (125 years old, when compared to the other arts), and scoured the century of cinema chronologically...

The inaugural program - in a twisted art-historical mode - framed cinema as a new medium (125 years old, when compared to the other arts), and scoured the century of cinema chronologically, to pick 14 films, that began with the restored ​Man with the Movie Camera​ with live music by a Ukraine based Jazz Quartet, and concluded with Farocki’s ​Parallel I-IV​. Lis Rhodes ​Light Music strobed and fogged the cinema hall, Mani Kaul’s crew met to remember him after his passing, and to view with us his foray into the television medium with his rendering of Doestoevskys’ ​The Idiot,​ and the preview cinema with full-reclining seats gave the brave a chance to drown in Lav Diaz’s eleven hour-long and eleven years in the making ​Evolution of a Filipino Family.​ See ​​ for more details.

ii. Footage FIlms: The New Medium - II (2017) Year 2, was about the material itself, and its relationship with the means and modes of its production. As a setting for the programme, ​Footage Films​ began with a live performance by CAMP itself. Live feed from the PTZ CCTV camera atop the cinema hall was fed onto the IMAX screen, (19th century camera obscura), where a 200 year-old history of Parel, the center of the city of Mumbai, unravelled. (See:​​)

Two synchronous moments north and south of the equator anchored the main programming: Group Cine Liberacion meeting, clandestinely, filming and assembling the​ Hour of the Furnaces​ in 1968 (that gave rise to the ​Third Cinema Manifesto​); ​and ​Guy Debord publishing ​The Society of the Spectacle, that in a few years would be be crafted into the film. The specific journeys into archiving infrastructures and work done to make footage visible for say Micheal Kliers, ​Der Riese​, or Eyal Sivans, ​The Specialist, were underscored. Chris Marker’s ​Level Five,​ and Craig Baldwin’s ​Spectres of the Spectrum e​levated the struggles for memory and autonomy, amidst the pre-internet spin of information and images into a visual feast of analog images. The founding members of ​Mediastorm,​ (​​) India’s first filmmaking collective reunited, and reassembled a cut from through their until-then lost films, (this took some deep house cleanings) that are now a rich archive and footage resource themselves, and the filmmaker Kamal Swaroop and his colleagues (​​) served up the phantasmagoric finds from a long running and generous pedagogic project on the pioneer of cinema in India, Phalke. See ​​ for more details.

In its last edition, ​The New Medium​ programme transformed a single screen cinema in the festival venue’s multiplex into a multi-screen environment. 2-channel and 3-channel works played on scheduled screening timings throughout the day, awarding the films an infrastructure of immersive sound, light-proof image projection and lush seating; and giving the the audience the cinema experience, the chance to see multi-channel works programmed like films, and not as installations - ​t​hat we believe was a first of its kind. CAMP members designed the space, as well as the programming software and projection environment, for the marathon 2-day screening programme that ran to a packed hall. We began with Agnes Varda’s​ ​3 moving images. 3 places. 3 rhythms. 3 feelings See​ for more details.


with Kamal Swaroop and collaborators, a Journey through Phalke's world.

Live Event
The New Medium II: Footage Films. 17 Oct, PVR Icon 6:30 pm

From the Mediastorm

With Ranjani Mazumdar, Shohini Ghosh, Charu Gargi and Shikha Jingan

Live Event
The New Medium II: Footage Films
14 Oct, PVR Icon audi 1, 12.00 pm

Meet the members of India's first, woman-only, documentary collective and revisit their history and prescient video practice.


14 films and three live events that explode the relationship between Footage and Films into a galaxy of possibilities.
Curated by Shaina Anand
October 12 to October 18, 2017

THE NEW MEDIUM III: Multi-Screen Cinema

A 2-day festival within the Mumbai Film Festival. Sixteen multi-screen films and video installations by pioneering filmmakers and artists, many of them Asian premieres, will be presented in the cinema hall. Curated by Shaina Anand.


A chronological viewing of 14 films beginning with Vertovs Man with the Movie Camera, and concluding with Farockis Parallel I-IV; The New Medium presents innovations in Cinema.

At the 18th MAMI Film Festival
20th October to 27th October 2016

When the moving image came into being it was seen as the seventh art, an alchemical medium with the potential to transform the spatial arts: architecture, sculpture and painting, and the temporal arts: music, poetry and dance.

CCTV Landscape from Lower Parel

A 200-year neighbourhood story told through a single camera mounted on a cinema hall, 90 minutes.

Opening event

Friday 13th Oct 2017
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
IMAX at PVR Phoenix
Monday 16th Oct 2017
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
PVR Phoenix 6

Cinema weekends at Winter CAMP rooftop

To the right are the listings of the film screenings held every weekend on CAMP's roof during January and February, hosted by Pirate Cinema Berlin.
More to come next winter, when CAMP gets a brand new roof and makes a brand new cinema;)

Cinema weekends at Winter CAMP rooftop

Listings of the film screenings held every weekend on CAMP's roof during January and February, hosted by Pirate Cinema Berlin.
More to come next winter, when CAMP gets a brand new roof and makes a brand new cinema;)

Evenings at CAMP Rooftop

A roof-top venue that has been active since 2007, in this location since 2009.

Past Present Future

A never-ending project housed at CAMP around peoples histories of Bombay-Mumbai.

R & R

A space we built and run with others, located in the R and R colony of Lallubhai Compound, Mumbai.

As If (I-V)

AS IF is a series of exhibitions by CAMP across the winter /spring of 2014-15.

As If (I-V)

As If – I Rock, Paper, Scissors
January 7 - February 20 2015

As If – II Flight of the Black Boxes
24 JORBAGH, New Delhi
January 27 - February 24 2015

As If – III Country of the Sea
February 21 - April 7 2015

As If – IV Night For Day
March 9 - April 30 2015

As If – tV
Clark House Initiative, Mumbai
March 29 - May 20 2015 has a sister project. is an annotated online archive of Indian film.

Electronic Ear Cleaning

A project of listening, including with our ears, to some materials that seem to not touch us directly, but make up our "environment".

A Season of Footage and Films

CAMP presents
Saturday or Sunday evening screenings through winter, exploring footage both within and outside the usual capsule of "the film". An experience that could be similar to watching films, or at other times harder to digest, or slower to release, closer to the moment of shooting, less censorious, and less fearful of finitude. Another life, another world of viewing and listening experiences is always possible.

The Edgware Road Project

CAMP is involved in a 2-year "print-from-web" project, linked to its own investigations of the infrastructures of commerce and pleasure in this part of London. As part of the first "block study", we looked at several buildings and their ownership and use histories, and produced a series of tablemats.

The web-based part of the project resides at ( now at ) This website collects materials from various such "studies", conducted by us and others, which then are collaboratively edited and published in a number of physical forms: volumes, pamphlets and placemats. This is an ongoing project, as part of the Serpentine Gallery's Public Program.

CAMP roof

Ashok and Azeer spent some time thinking about and building the CAMP terrace roof structure, built in late 2009. Some of the designs that were sketched out are further below: a big requirement was some retractability, i.e. the ability to have a shading roof in the day but to have it open/ partially open at night, for things like screenings under the stars.

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