Kochi Muziris Biennale

Bombay Tilts Down
13m 14s looped, seven channel environment

Six moves that begin in unstable skies and at sea, and descend “into the ordinary” via a vertical landscape filled with unfinished city landmarks, persistent settlements, details without end. A landscape movie in facets, filmed by remotely controlled CCTV camera from atop a 34-floor building in central Mumbai.

Each tilt downwards is made from dozens of repeated shots that show and hide themselves. They become a fluid movement across categories, structures and lines made on land, an interest of CAMP for many years. The stacked and layered city in Parel and Worli (old Bombay tidal islands, and later forming the working-class heart of the city) is suggestive of new subject and object formations.

When people appear in the images, many of them seem to be aware of this eye or hole in the sky. Everyone is, or can be an actor, in diagonal pacts between people and camera. The potential of such new relations drives this work, part of long-term investigations at CAMP that include histories and futures of moving images, housing, infrastructure, and pleasure.

The work has music, haunted by sirens and poets, by BamBoy (Tushar Adhav) who grew up in Lalbaug, Parel. See full credits and installation images on the works page.

The Thing is... 22

Memorius is 5

When the Cold Blows

A performance by our collaborators on cctv.camp, Seoul Express. More details: https://njpart.ggcf.kr/when-the-cold-blows/. Part of CAMP After Media Promises, The Nam June Paik Center Prize Exhibition.

In Cameras Res, 2019

De Appel, Amsterdam

On three screens, a city-symphony filmed by automated CCTV cameras in Amsterdam. The optical and motor capacities of these cameras are pushed to an extreme. Certain human subjects reappear near or far in the images, suggesting a form of reciprocal knowledge or intent, a secret pact between cameras and people.

CCTV Landscape from Lower Parel

A 200-year neighbourhood story told through a single camera mounted on a cinema hall, 90 minutes.

Opening event

Friday 13th Oct 2017
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
IMAX at PVR Phoenix
Monday 16th Oct 2017
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
PVR Phoenix 6

In the Heart of Another Country: The Diasporic Imagination in the Sharjah Art Foundation Collection

Featuring From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf
Organised by Deichtorhallen, Hamburg and Sharjah Art Foundation, curated by Omar Kholeif.

Scoring the Words

From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf

You Are Now

as part of
Proposals for a Memorial to Partition
Curated by Murtaza Vali

CAMP draws a series of lines between this and that exhibition. Not only between country A and country B, or horizontally between peoples or on the plane of "cultural exchanges" or "extra-national space", but vertically, or diagonally, reaching out to an actual place, to its actual power and presence.


at de(Coding) Mumbai
With Shaina, Ashok, Simpreet
and Adarsh, Alyque, Naezy, Nayak, Medha, Sandeep, Rajjo, Tiger...

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