Shape Recognition

University of Chicago invited CAMP to present at the Sawyer Seminar.

Urban Art and the Network: Infrastructure Symposium with Rahul Mehrotra and CAMP Location - Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry

Shape Recognition A particular irony occurs when say, the official water supply system of a city like Mumbai is unable to recognise the rain that falls down all over its "network". This system has a bad case of "operational closure", at the same time as it has a leaky materiality. Art's engagement with such networked realities has to do with a formal and sensorial analysis of the failure, decay, parasitism, loopiness and new kinds of hierarchy and neurality that actual networked systems have produced all around us. It is no longer an idealism or criticism of the form. The question then is what emerges when an environment seemingly saturated with a concept meets an artistic practice, for which to network means - to jump domains rather than stay in one protocol, to infiltrate and create unexpected intimacies, to montage reality and the imperceptible - akin to the cut in film.

Mumbai-based transdisciplinary studio CAMP present a sequence of 10 images from their work, in which new shapes appear stretched across technologies, imaginations and actual geography, after the network.

The Annotated "Gujarat and the Sea" Exhibition

General Rehearsal A show in three acts from the collections of V-A-C, MMOMA and KADIST

Jago Hua Savera

We invite you in the cities of Batticaloa, Bombay, Chittagong, Delhi, Dhaka, Karachi, Khulna, Kolkata and Lahore, to change the course of a film's history, sip from its waters, taste its oddness of...

Karachi Seminar: Critical Perspectives on Art and Education

Keynote Presentation: From Janta Colony to Janta Colony (imaginary to destroyed) 1950 to 1982 Via print and film, music, love, bulldozers, state propaganda and peoples archives.

Lahore Biennale 01

CAMP at Sheher o Funn, the inaugural biennale of the city of Lahore with From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf.

Fwd: Re: Archive

The central event of a month-long gathering organised around the 10th anniversary of the footage archive, and the 5th anniversary of

The Ocean After Nature

From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf

2020 at Horniman Circle Garden

2020 is a self-organised group of artists, architects, filmmakers and live art practitioners, who came together to produce a group imagination of and reflection upon, the near future.

Unpacking "Country of the Sea"

A non-imperial view from the 'Other Boat', counter to images of the 'distressed seas'. With a presentation and screening of From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf at Transmediale 2018.