From the Category: Video Art. Part I

Sunday, February 10, 2008.

CAMP brings you a selection of works on video that are well-known and "published" in some form, but are generally hard to find. In part I, these are mostly videos from the US and Europe, which also reflects conditions in the online networks, i.e. where we found them- which we would like to discuss.

Sunday, February 10, 2008.
6 pm. - 9 pm.

Together, these videos form a sketch of the various sites/ situations from which art video is produced: the studio, the artists residency, the factory, the representation through "drawing", the reconstruction, the archive, the money.
We will proceed as follows:

Martha Rosler [Semiotics of the Kitchen, 1975] 7 mins.
Fischli and Weiss [Der Lauf der Dinge, 1987, excerpt] 5 mins.
Cao Fei [Whose Utopia?, 2006] 20 mins.
William Kentridge [Mine, 1991] 6 mins.
Jeremy Deller / Mike Figgis [Battle of Orgreave, 2001, excerpt] 45 mins.

TEA BREAK, prithvi cafe. 20 min.

Peter Greenaway [The Coastline, 1983] 26 mins.
Walid Ra'ad and the Atlas Group [The Bachar Tapes, 2000] 16 mins.
Nate Harrison [Can I Get an Amen? 2004] 18 mins.
K-Foundation [Watch the K-Foundation burn a Million Quid, 1995]. 45 mins.

These videos were all downloaded over the last two weeks, from online sharing networks. Ofcourse, anyone with an internet connection can do this, and we shall see how.
The event will include further opportunities to appreciate, discuss, and take part in the condition that:
parallel to (and not necessarily opposing) markets of absurdly-priced and controlled art (and other) objects, these "copies" exist, and are being shared and distributed for free. What motivates this phenomenon, and how are relations between such different "publications" sustained? What aspects of the original context, artistic intentions, institutional structures, and the nature of digital video itself contribute to this? Who benefits?

A discussion will accompany the final video.

" Publicity operates through the threat of
publication, through the motivating force that
accompanies risk of exposure and desire for attention.
Without that risk, there can be no public."
- Jodi Dean, Publicity's Secret.

1st Floor, Prithvi House,
Opp. Prithvi Theater,
Janki Kutir,

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