Ghashiram Kotwal - the film by YUKT

Ghashiram Kotwal (1976)
103 mins. 

Kavita Gherao (1998)
20 mins. 

Saturday 17th December, 2016
6:30 pm
CAMP rooftop

Ghashiram Kotwal is the only collectively authored production of YUKT (some members say it stood for: Union of Kinematographers and Technicians) which included people whose names are today far more familiar than when the film was made in 1976, such as Om Puri or Kamal Swaroop. 

From the credits we will not know who did what in the film - 16 cinematographers, editors, actors, sound engineers and directors were officially part of YUKT. One can instead, imagine an atmosphere at FTII Pune, where a radical Vijay Tendulkar play and the air of Emergency could arouse a plot, a debate, group efforts, workshops with actors some of whom had performed the play, an attempt to create a non-authorial but rigorous and located theory of filmmaking, scripting and film music, arguments about its success, and eventual dissolution of the collective. 
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But we will open the evening with Kavita Gherao, a 20-minute film made on the FTII campus by a visiting film student during the strikes of 1996, about 20 years later, and now 20 years ago.  
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