CAMP's 6⅞ anniversary party

CAMP, 6⅞ years
Monday, October 6th (Eid) 
6:30 pm. onwards

A recent "reboot" of our studio has resulted in new spaces and functions: an editing studio, a books and catalogues library, an offline film and video archive, and a workshop space, in addition to our old open-air screening venue.  Divide and multiply.

So, "don't wait for the anniversary" we said, and wanted to invite you all to a seven year (ek soot kum) celebration of CAMP, the place.  Which now rests among other unlikely things, on cardboard tubes, compressed plastic waste and cooling fans - the recent physical efforts and creativity of several people who you will meet there. 

Since late 2007 (and before that by other names) we have worked as a group in a range of “infrastructural” contexts: electricity, CCTV, ships, archives to name a few. Through and with them, rather than for and of them. In other words, it has been our belief that these are locations from which a new sensorium can be produced, and solidarities remade. Here is where artistic assemblies should nest, and provoke. The studio is a kind of "internal extension" of such ideas. Ideas and objects that travel backwards from journeys, collaborations and various leaps of faith, and sometimes stick to the insides of a holding chamber, the studio. Where something else happens to them. They become part of a social space. They gather as selections, bodies, cuts, scripts, new raw materials from the incredible range of what could be thought of as “culture” today. 

Over the years our studio has been a semi-public space that hosts events, projects and people beyond ourselves. Our desire is very much to refresh this invitation; to use these particular/ peculiar resources and spaces in the city. 

The evening will begin at 6:30 pm on Monday, October 6th, and will include: 
A short survey of conceptual, technical, sensual and political orientations of what has been happening at CAMP. A studio tour. Ongoing work on archive projects and Near future plans, including new CAMP websites, and exhibitions upcoming in winter and spring. Acknowledgements. Food and drink as always. 

Cheers, and we hope to see you, comrades, friends, neighbours, spies, 

Shaina Anand
Sanjay Bhangar
Ashok Sukumaran
Zinnia Ambapardiwala

Gallery: CAMP's 6⅞ anniversary party
Into the Midst Workshop

Months long workshop initiated by a group of artists in and around Delhi. To analyse contemporary mediation and media theory as a general phenomenon, to discuss emerging practice and theory, and to produce new work.
Part 1 @Sarai, April 20-22, 2024

Broken Cameras

The Neighbour Before the House
Al Jaar Qabla Al Daar
الجار قبل الدار

What the Cameras Saw and Remembered

Two films by CAMP
Al Jaar Qabla Al Daar (The Neighbour before the House)
From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf

Captial Circus (2009)

The Unfaithful Octopus
MAIIAM Contemporary

To See is To Change

with Bombay Tilts Down (2022) and A Photogenic Line, (2019) as part of Photo 24, Melbourne.
In this pair of large-scale works, CAMP explore two sides of their practice; one that produces experimental film and video, often with unusual equipment and angles of participation, and another that creates and animates archives of moving images, documents and photography.


Low-End Therapy
By Swadesi crew Kaali Duniya (Bamboy/Tushar Adhav) with guest MC's Kranti Naari, Pratika, MC Mawali, Khabardar Revolt.
BassBrahma and RaakShas Sound
Equality on the dance floor.


A tour of the work with CAMP in three acts.
12 January 7 pm, ft. Bamboy
13 January 6 pm
14 January 7:30 pm
20 January 7 pm

Bombay Tilts Down in Mumbai!

7-channel environment. 13 mins, on loop with two alternating soundtracks

A vertical landscape movie in facets. Filmed remotely by one CCTV camera from a single-point location atop a 35-floor building on E. Moses Road during the pandemic.

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