Phone * Computer with Celliax

A presentation  by Giovanni Maruzzelli on connecting cellphones to a computer network using the Asterisk open-source telephony server, and the chan_celliax driver.
Monday, 20th October.
6:30 p.m to 9:00 pm.
CAMP Studio.

There are currently about 60 million internet users in India. By the end of this year, it is estimated that there will be 300 million mobile phone users in the country. The mobile phone network, with its Value-Added-Services, SMS contests, Voice Portals, etc. and widespread use in lower-income communities, appears to already supersede the internet as a primary technological infrastructure.
This is the logic which is assumed by many technology startups in the mobile space. But what are the underlying technologies being used, and what other consequences and yet-unknown possibilities do they open up?

For example how it possible to get your own space on this network (as you are able to host a website)? What are the technical, legal and social implications of connecting the IP-based computer networks and the mobile phone networks (and what is the status of hybrid VoIP services, or wi-fi on phones for example).

To take us through the process of connecting cell phones to  computers, as a key technical component of this possibility, CAMP is happy to announce a presentation/ workshop with Giovanni Maruzzelli from

The workshop is technical in nature, but non-tech people interested in the space are welcome.

   Workshop Timings: 6:30-9pm, Monday, 20th October.
   Venue: CAMP Studio, Chuim Village, Khar.
   email for directions.

   The 2-hour workshop will include:

   1> An introduction to Asterisk, the open source telephony server - what asterisk can do, applications of a telephony server, basic setup and configuration.
    2>  an explanation of the driver (chan_celliax) Giovanni has written to be able to connect Asterisk to most regular cell-phones. Also brief introduction to the driver for Skype.
    3> A hands-on session where we connect a cell-phone to a computer and setup a simple real-world application on Asterisk using voice-based menus and / or SMS.

 This is short notice, but if you've had an idea for something you've wanted to do with an SMS or voice-based service, or just something fun you'd like to try with such a system, do send it in, and we'll try and incorporate it into our plan for the workshop and follow-up events.

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