Dance for Nothing and Running Commentary

An evening of dance and dance videos, looking at contemporary choreography with Eszter Salamon.
"Running Commentary" occurs when people talk aloud about choreography as they watch it.

Friday, March 5, 2010
6:30 pm onwards.

Dance for Nothing
after Lecture on Nothing by John Cage
Eszter Salamon
45 min.

This music done by words is the departure point for Dance for Nothing. The
dancer performs Cage’s original lecture and simultaneously dances with the aim
of producing a choreography of contingent movements.
“Or again / it is like an / empty glass /
into which / at any moment / anything / may be poured."

followed by dance videos with Running Commentary (concept by Bojana Cvejic).
Running Commentary is meant to set thoughts in motion and to develop a practice of talking about choreography or performance.
The videos are:

Self Unfinished (1998)
by and with Xavier Le Roy
50 min.
"For me it alternated variously as insect, martian, chicken, watering can, caterpillar into pupa...
We must sit with our attention riveted, waiting for the next stirring. Like watching a spider or snail. The timing is exquisite.." -Yvonne Rainer.

Giszelle (2001)
by Eszter Salamon and Xavier Le Roy 
with Eszter Salamon 
Music: Adolphe Adam 
28 min.
Which borrows its title from the most famous romantic (and so-called feminist) ballet, “Giselle”.

Following classical dance studies at the National Academy of Dance in Budapest,
Eszter Salamon moves to France in 1992.
She spends the next years working in Paris and Berlin as an independent choreographer, working with dancers such as Aranxta Martinez, partner Xavier Le Roy, her own mother and brother, as well as solo.
Her most recent solo production, Dance for Nothing, is presented here in modified form.

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