Swearing-in Whispers reading

Swearing-in Whispers: A screenplay based on the Radia Tap(e)s

Join us for a reading at
New Museum Theater
Thursday April 19 2012
as part of "The Ungovernables,"2012 New Museum Triennial

Aarti Sethi, Murtaza Vali, Naeem Mohaiemen, Siddharth Lokanandi and Deepti Salopek join CAMP for the reading, which will be followed by a screening of HUM LOGOS.

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This script reading and screening will present CAMP's work in the Triennial in the context of listening, rhetoric, and self-education. The Radia Tape leaks, which the work is based on, have been described as “essential listening for anyone trying to be a journalist.” This invitation could be extended to anyone interested in contemporary India or in the links between communication and politics.

Act I :   Reading from Swearing-in Whispers, a screenplay based on 3 days of the Radia tap(e)s, prior to the formation of the cabinet of ministers after Indian general elections in 2009.

Act II : Screening of HUM LOGOS, a 50-minute sound+text film that begins when top journalists claim that they were just "stringing along" Radia, and their conversations were not based on reality. This opens up a world of rhetorical agents: lies, pen-drives, arguments and relays that show us (or allow us to hear) what both "speech"  and meaning have become, in this highly mediatised and interconnected environment.

Gallery: Electronic Ear Cleaning 2
Swearing-In-Whispers, 2011

A screenplay in Courier 12pt melodramatic format, spanning the first three days of lobbying for cabinet spots, in the wake of the Indian general elections of 2009. The dialogue is entirely from phone taps made by the government. The screenplay slows them down and asks: what kinds of environments and scenes may lie behind them, and how are they connected?

Printed screenplay and IVR-based phone line, audience can type in scene numbers to hear dialogue in the original voices. Also performed as a reading.

Electronic Ear Cleaning

A project of listening, including with our ears, to some materials that seem to not touch us directly, but make up our "environment".

Into the Midst Workshop

Months long workshop initiated by a group of artists in and around Delhi. To analyse contemporary mediation and media theory as a general phenomenon, to discuss emerging practice and theory, and to produce new work.
Part 1 @Sarai, April 20-22, 2024

Broken Cameras

The Neighbour Before the House
Al Jaar Qabla Al Daar
الجار قبل الدار

What the Cameras Saw and Remembered

Two films by CAMP
Al Jaar Qabla Al Daar (The Neighbour before the House)
From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf

Captial Circus (2009)

The Unfaithful Octopus
MAIIAM Contemporary

To See is To Change

with Bombay Tilts Down (2022) and A Photogenic Line, (2019) as part of Photo 24, Melbourne.
In this pair of large-scale works, CAMP explore two sides of their practice; one that produces experimental film and video, often with unusual equipment and angles of participation, and another that creates and animates archives of moving images, documents and photography.


Low-End Therapy
By Swadesi crew Kaali Duniya (Bamboy/Tushar Adhav) with guest MC's Kranti Naari, Pratika, MC Mawali, Khabardar Revolt.
BassBrahma and RaakShas Sound
Equality on the dance floor.


A tour of the work with CAMP in three acts.
12 January 7 pm, ft. Bamboy
13 January 6 pm
14 January 7:30 pm
20 January 7 pm

Bombay Tilts Down in Mumbai!

7-channel environment. 13 mins, on loop with two alternating soundtracks

A vertical landscape movie in facets. Filmed remotely by one CCTV camera from a single-point location atop a 35-floor building on E. Moses Road during the pandemic.

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