Distributing the Unsensable (in experiments with images)

The Many Lives of Indian Cinema: 1913-2013 and beyond
Disciplines, Histories, Technologies, Futures

January 9th, 2014
at Sarai-CSDS, New Delhi.

With Screenings of
From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf
9th and 11th January 7:00 pm

We are surrounded by landscapes that we cannot directly sense: Coal reserves, electrical grids, climate, financial systems, art markets. The chains linking these to individual perception or sense organs are long and twisted. We can think of images as attempts to short-circuit this situation. Images light up every available surface, fighting an indirect, metaphorical battle against the disappearance of actual sites of financialisation, valorisation, urbanisation, network intensification, and so on. These images rearrange what can be seen, felt or alluded to, and thus in the language of Jacques Rancière, produce an overlap between aesthetics and politics.

In this talk we develop another side of this overlap, which motivates our own recent work, and is about the non-sensable aspects of images, or certain aspects of aesthetic process. That is, things that are not perceptible yet, but there is an experimentation that may burst into perceptibility or form at any time. This means the procedures, backends, tweaking of technological or organisational contexts, and other ways in which moving images are prepared for, thought of, and then made, cast or thrown. Starting with seven different clips of near-darkness in the online video archive Pad.ma, we describe the (also accidental, tentative) entry of cameras and intentions into different kinds of spaces, or worlds. The way or manner of entering, in relation to and transforming what is already there, is the key shift or interruption here. We give examples of our activities "behind the image" and anticipation of it, that try to catch in the plane and rhythm of image-making processes, some of what has receded from the immediate senses.  

Gallery: Distributing the Unsensable (in experiments with images)
Fwd: Re: Archive

The central event of a month-long gathering organised around the 10th anniversary of Pad.ma the footage archive, and the 5th anniversary of Indiancine.ma.

Into the Midst Workshop

Months long workshop initiated by a group of artists in and around Delhi. To analyse contemporary mediation and media theory as a general phenomenon, to discuss emerging practice and theory, and to produce new work.
Part 1 @Sarai, April 20-22, 2024

Broken Cameras

The Neighbour Before the House
Al Jaar Qabla Al Daar
الجار قبل الدار

What the Cameras Saw and Remembered

Two films by CAMP
Al Jaar Qabla Al Daar (The Neighbour before the House)
From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf

Captial Circus (2009)

The Unfaithful Octopus
MAIIAM Contemporary

To See is To Change

with Bombay Tilts Down (2022) and A Photogenic Line, (2019) as part of Photo 24, Melbourne.
In this pair of large-scale works, CAMP explore two sides of their practice; one that produces experimental film and video, often with unusual equipment and angles of participation, and another that creates and animates archives of moving images, documents and photography.


Low-End Therapy
By Swadesi crew Kaali Duniya (Bamboy/Tushar Adhav) with guest MC's Kranti Naari, Pratika, MC Mawali, Khabardar Revolt.
BassBrahma and RaakShas Sound
Equality on the dance floor.


A tour of the work with CAMP in three acts.
12 January 7 pm, ft. Bamboy
13 January 6 pm
14 January 7:30 pm
20 January 7 pm

Bombay Tilts Down in Mumbai!

7-channel environment. 13 mins, on loop with two alternating soundtracks

A vertical landscape movie in facets. Filmed remotely by one CCTV camera from a single-point location atop a 35-floor building on E. Moses Road during the pandemic.

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