Nirankusha: Fearless, Speak

The Radia Tap(e)s: 

Act I Swearing-in Whispers
Act II Hum Logos 
Museum of Interruptions
Rangoli Metro Art Center,  Bangalore 
25th to 30th November

Closing event: 
Pal Pal Pal Pal (featuring Niira Radia and friends) 
A Screenplay reading of Act I followed by the screening of Act II
at 1Shanthi Road, Bangalore
November 30th, 6pm

Niira Radias: Miriam Joseph and Nishka Crishna 
A Raja and Tarun Das: Gowthaman Ranganathan
Barkha Dutt: Ishana Tripathi
Kanimozhi: Kavya Murthy
Shankkar Aiyar: Sanjeev Narrain 
Vir Sanghvi and Sunil Arora: Ashok Sukumaran
RK Chandolia: Akhil Kang
Voice of God: Lawrence Liang 
Narrator: Danish Sheikh 

Thanks: Prerna Bishnoi, Suresh Jayaram, Marjorie Rodrigues. 

Thank you all for a wonderful reading. 

The Radia Tape leaks have been described as “essential listening for anyone trying to be a journalist.” This invitation could be extended to anyone interested in contemporary rhetoric, and the links between speech, communication and politics. 
Act I (Swearing-in Whispers) is a screenplay in Courier 12pt melodramatic format, spanning four days in the wake of the general elections of 2009. Act II (Hum Logos) is a 45-minute audio film following from where the screenplay ends, taking us across the next two months. 

With the new cabinet in power, a lobbyist goes about her business - from cellphones to cooking gas to news media. Later, several top journalists would claim that they were just "stringing her along", and their conversations were not based on and had no impact on reality. A broad spectrum of rhetorical agents:  lies, cries,  pen drives,  family feuds and bad networks can thus be heard pulsing through the nervous systems of Indian democracy. The original recordings were made by the government. The screenplay slows them down and asks: what kinds of environments and scenes may lie behind them? The film asks: if debate around these tapes is about whether they are edited or not, or as Justice Mukhopadhay put it if "splice has been added", then what could further editing do?

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