A Season of Footage and Films, Part 6. The Desert of the Real: Footage from Dubai

Sunday January 30 6:30 pm

Sebastian Lütgert shows footage from a future film about capitalism, set in Dubai.
111 mins.
Shot on Canon 5D Mark II

"Today, the global economy presents itself as a form of reality that is entirely inaccessible to imagination, since its only manner of being concrete is abstraction. The film in question is not concerned with fata morganas, or "castles built on sand". It is set in an imaginary place where the abstract form that is capital has been poured into concrete shapes, where the pyramid scheme of profit and debt has left its debris in the form of actual pyramids, and where the sudden appearance of things that were believed to be unimaginable cannot be reduced to a purely optical phenomenon."

A Season of Footage and Films

CAMP presents
Saturday or Sunday evening screenings through winter, exploring footage both within and outside the usual capsule of "the film". An experience that could be similar to watching films, or at other times harder to digest, or slower to release, closer to the moment of shooting, less censorious, and less fearful of finitude. Another life, another world of viewing and listening experiences is always possible.

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