The Thing is... 22

Memorius is 5

We will remember it ... as a small spherical robot-camera, perched on a tripod made up of four floors of a building in north-western Bombay, on the old border between the British and Portuguese empires. 

A generic 21c security camera with a non-generic purpose: to "film", rather than to "wait and watch". This object - we called it Memorius after the character in a Borges story that first appeared in a Buenos Aires newspaper in 1942 (who not only remembered everything, but also always knew the time) - is 5 years old today. In another 5, it will be 10. The Thing is 22, CAMP is 15...

The stream from Memorius is always at "local time", intercut by images from its young memory: The result is a kind of context-machine in which one image provides a context for another, by thickening it in time.

Viewable at the Panke Gallery, from 3 pm to 7pm Wednesday to Saturday until December 1, 2022.

Livestream 3pm on November 14, 2022, excerpt

Livestream 7pm on November 14, 2022, excerpt


A newly commissioned video performance in the "Grand Stair".

Bombay Tilts Down, 2022

13m 14s looped, seven channel environment with music
Filmed by CCTV camera from a single-point location in South-Central Mumbai.

Kochi Muziris Biennale

Bombay Tilts Down
13m 14s looped, seven channel environment


with Khorshed and Kekoo Gandhy

Mohit Shelare, Curve in the Desire.
himanshu S and aqui T, Parallel Universe.

in CheMoulding Part II - FUTURING.
60 years of Chemould Gallery

Capital Circus, 2008

as part of
The Unfaithful Octopus
Nanyang Technological University

From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf Launches

A new Platform for Moving Images and Ideas
An invitation to absorb, discuss, navigate and contribute new and old time-based media, in a weekly rhythm. To feel the ideas in them, and their potential in and as art, film, daily life, new theory and use. Without the frameworks of social media ;)

Al Jaar Qabla Al Daar

The Neighbour Before The House
Film screening followed by discussion with CAMP
M+ Afterimage Cinema

In the Heart of Another Country: The Diasporic Imagination Rises

Featuring The Country of the Sea

Inlaks Fine Art Awardees 2023: Open Studio

Saturday, June 10th 2023, 6pm onwards.

An outcome of a 6-week residency at CAMP in Chuim village Khar, a continuing dialogue with each other and with the studio.

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