Skulptur Projekte Münster

Of mother, womb, array, environment in which more specialised structures can grow.

Theater Münster
Neubrückenstraße 63
10 Jun - 1 Oct, 2017
Installation with Electric cable, switches, speakers, monitors, custom electronics.

When Neubrückenstrasse was being rebuilt after the war, its buildings and three churches surrounding the site of the theatre were being built “historically”. A financial delay stalled the rebuilding of the theater in similar neo-classical style, and a protest by architects and planners led to a counter-proposal. Within six short weeks, the protestors collective of Deilmann, Rave, VonHausen and Ruhnau had entered and won the competition. The result was epochal; a "thunderclap" of bewildering pink and blue mosaic tiles and glass, wrapped around a fragment of ruin. In other words, it was such a special event in the city that it seemed unlikely to take place again.

The question is, how does modernism survive the continued assault of its own inventions? What is its plan for changing with time? Does it still want to grow to cover the entire Earth, or is that universality now abandoned? What is then its sense of space?

To test these questions, the artists CAMP have made a historical-materialist proposal for this location.

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