Kondagaon updates and Barakhamba road 2008-2010

Navjot Altaf presents aspects of her ongoing work in Bastar, and new work, including a two-phase video project on the Barakhamba Road in Delhi.
An informal evening with Navjot and friends on CAMP roof.

Saturday, 20th March, 2010.
7:30 pm onwards.

Navjot Altaf has for many years sustained relationships with communities and individuals via  her work. A singular figure in the Indian art scene in this respect, she has also been one of the early adopters of video as a medium, alongside photography and her well-known work in sculpture and installations that traversed art/ craft distinctions as well as author/ subject relations.

For this evening presentation Navjot will lead us through an update on Kondagaon, at the Bastar artists centre where "no one taught anyone", yet there have been many years of production, which now faces some changed political realities. Then she discusses her newer work, such as "Barakhamba 2010", and "Delhi Loves Me", which she feels she has not received sufficient feedback on, despite their "public" nature.

Shaina Anand, who has followed Navjot's work and interviewed her for the upcoming Khoj book, will moderate the discussion.

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