From Archive to Application (and Back)

Presentation / Open House
Friday, 16th July, 6:30pm
1 Shanti Road, Bangalore

Followed by a weekend workshop
17th and 18th July 2010 at Jaaga
supported by the Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore has been running as an online archive of digital video with text annotations, for over two years. During this period, the focus has been on gathering materials, annotating densely, and building an archive. At present, has over 400 hours of footage, in over 600 "events". Almost all of this is fully transcribed and often mapped to physical locations. Essays have been written over video, and narratives created across different clips in the archive. The focus has been on pulling material into

What are ways to start thinking about pulling material out of From the onset, has had an API (documented at, a programming interface that allows you to perform searches, seek to exact time-codes in any video, fetch transcript and map data, and display all this however you please. Also's General Public License (PGPL, is designed specifically for the reappearance and reuse of the material in for non-commercial, research and educational use. Through the experience of running the archive, there have been various imaginations of multiple, layered, time-based annotations over video: pedagogical tools for learning and discussion; presentation tools that juxtapose text and video in new ways, essays and other writing formats enabled by rich and context-specific media.

At the workshop, we hope to explore some of these imaginations for video on the web, and video's new qualities as a result of online practices.   We invite video-makers, writers, coders and other enthusiasts to participate. Taking the term "application" in the broadest possible sense, we invite participants to bring video material, texts, software, or ideas, combine them with existing materials and tools in, and develop innovative kinds of "output", which then echo into the structure of the archive.

If youre interested, have a look at the Workshop Outline above, and send us a line at, with a short bio and ideas for your participation. (Public Access Digital Media Archive) would like to invite you to an open house on 16th July (Friday).
This event is organized with Center for Internet and Society and Alternative Law Forum.

Time: 6:30 pm
Venue: 1 Shanthi Road, Shanthi Nagar, Bangalore

From Archive to Application (and back)
an evening of conversations around archiving practices and technology.

Introducing Namita A. Malhotra (ALF) and Subuhi Jiwani (
Building a digital archive: Nishant Shah, Center for Internet and Society
Krumbigal project: family archives and (re)writing histories: Suresh Jayaram, Artist
Archives for the arts and new possibilities posed by the internet: Annapurna Garimella, A.R.T.
Playing with the archive: Sanjay Bhangar, CAMP and

Please join us after for dinner and drinks at 1 Shanthi Road.

Workshop Outline

After a hands-on introduction to and its possibilities and tools, the workshop will break up into streams for content and code. One day 2, these streams come back together.

In the content stream, participants could:

- bring in their own footage, clips from popular or unpopular cinema, science or lab videos, ads or news, artworks or documentary films, and write on or with them.
- bring together shots, scenes or sounds from fiction or non-fiction films, and make a 'movie' or create a 'running commentary' alongside.
- write over video critically or creatively: theorise or contextualise footage, collectively author textual narratives or weave fiction and/or poetry with moving images.
- create teaching units or illustrated lectures using, begin a research project or map a phenomenon through video and text.

In the code stream, participants would:

- devise new ways in which video and text can speak to each other, and to an online audience.
- For developers, this 2-day workshop is an opportunity to experiment with the newest web-video technologies. Concretely, we will cover some background and history of HTML 5 <video>, understand how the website works with time-based annotations, server-side seeking of video, etc. and finally work on hacking on applications / prototypes using the API ( The developer track of this 2-day workshop is open to all, but knowledge of HTML, CSS and / or javascript would be useful.

The video art programme of the 2021 Asian Art Biennial

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is an ongoing public-access media archival project, centered around video as a medium of documentation, collection, argumentation and exchange. Its objective is to consolidate, densely annotate, and make available online several scattered collections of video material, to begin with in Mumbai and Bangalore. is a collaboration between, CAMP, Majlis, Point of View, the Alternative Law Forum, and other future contributors.

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