A season of long films

Pad.ma invites you to
Rivers without Banks

27th December, 2013 through 27th January, 2014

Before the start of a new year; and among big and small resolutions for the future we chose to ask ourselves what is free cinema today, what is its political and perceptual economy, and what could we summon of its powers, before embarking on new journeys of making and thinking. 

Rivers without Banks is a screening program of films whose durations extend beyond conventional length. But importantly, this is not a collection put together quantitatively, even as we may argue that the epic scales present in the chosen films carry the weight of histories, and put together chronologically show us a century where individual everyday lives face the annals of terrible power; where the human condition battles with nature and technology, with love and loss, with good and evil.

We chose these films for their primacy, their resilience and their beauty. For the formal expansion of the cinematic into something immersive and extreme. Our agenda is also a selfish one. These are films that we want to see, and as Bombay enjoys cool winter nights, the open-air cinema on CAMP's roof invites us to view together films that don't seem to be well suited for solo sittings, confined in a room, glued to a chair, or worse, a computer screen.
If you come, we will keep you hydrated and fed. Please bring cushions and blankets if you like. Do RSVP so we can plan our resources. At the end of each 'mini-series' is a day for discussion. This an important day, since discussions after each film are not possible. Some of the films finish after the last of the public transport stops, please keep this in mind. You are of course  welcome to be at CAMP till morning. Please note times for each film, some start earlier than others.

Directions: http://camputer.org/campstudio.html
RSVP: info(at)camputer.org

Weekend 1

Fri Dec 27 6 pm - Kagadanan sa Banwaan ning mga Engkanto
Death in the Land of Encantos (Lav Diaz, 2007, 9:04)
    begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 3:30 am

Sat Dec 28 3:30 pm - Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks (Wang Bing, 2003, 9:17)
    begins at 4:00 pm and ends at 2:00 am

Sun Dec 29 6 pm - Satantango (Bela Tarr, 1994, 7:01)
    begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 1:30 am

Mon Dec 30 6:00 pm - Discussion

Weekend 2

Fri Jan 03 6 pm - Star Spangled to Death (Ken Jacobs, 2004, 6:42)
    begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 11:30 pm

Sat Jan 04 6 pm - The Journey (Peter Watkins, 1987, 14:30)
    begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 2:00 am

Sun Jan 05 6 pm - The Journey (continued)
    begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 1:30 am

Weekend 3 (after a week's break)

Sat Jan 18 6 pm - Out 1: noli me tangere (Jacques Rivette/Suzanne Schiffman, 1971, 12:18)
    begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 1:00 am

Sun Jan 19 6 pm - Out 1: noli me tangere (continued)
    begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 0:30 am

Mon Jan 20 6:00 pm - Discussion

Weekend 4

Fri Jan 24 6 pm - La hora de los hornos
The Hour of the Furnaces (Octavio Getino/Fernando E. Solanas, 1968, 3:50)
    begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 10:30 pm

Sat Jan 25 6 pm - Shoah (Claude Lanzmann, 1985, 9:02)
    begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 3:30 am

Sun Jan 26 3:30 pm - Ningen no joken
The Human Condition (Masaki Kobayashi, 1959-1961, 9:35)
    begins at 4:00 pm and ends at 2:00 am

Mon Jan 27 5:00 pm - Discussion followed by a Bonus Screening!
     7:00 pm  Histoire(s) du Cinema (Jean-Luc Godard, 1988-1998, 4:24)

Gallery: A season of long films
Palestine-Israel Double Bill

If Jerusalem is the capital of both Israel and Palestine, and on the eve of Netanyahu's visit to a historically Palestine-friendly India, we bring you two films with surprising images and voices...

THE NEW MEDIUM III: Multi-Screen Cinema

A 2-day festival within the Mumbai Film Festival. Sixteen multi-screen films and video installations by pioneering filmmakers and artists, many of them Asian premieres, will be presented in the cinema hall. Curated by Shaina Anand.


is an ongoing public-access media archival project, centered around video as a medium of documentation, collection, argumentation and exchange. Its objective is to consolidate, densely annotate, and make available online several scattered collections of video material, to begin with in Mumbai and Bangalore. Pad.ma is a collaboration between oil21.org, CAMP, Majlis, Point of View, the Alternative Law Forum, and other future contributors.

A Season of Footage and Films

CAMP presents
Saturday or Sunday evening screenings through winter, exploring footage both within and outside the usual capsule of "the film". An experience that could be similar to watching films, or at other times harder to digest, or slower to release, closer to the moment of shooting, less censorious, and less fearful of finitude. Another life, another world of viewing and listening experiences is always possible.

Evenings at CAMP Rooftop

A roof-top that has been active for ten years.

Pirate Cinema 7

End of the Winter Season
Sunday, February 15
7 pm - 10 pm
CAMP rooftop.

Jago Hua Savera

We invite you in the cities of Batticaloa, Bombay, Chittagong, Delhi, Dhaka, Karachi, Khulna, Kolkata and Lahore, to change the course of a film's history, sip from its waters, taste its oddness of...

Many Months in Mirya

The film evokes the practice of the diary film, at once observational and reflexive, and draws power from its twin strategies of frugal economy and long duration. Screening & discussion with Renu.

CAMP: Beginnings

Beginnings is an exhibition tracing some of the conceptual and artistic origins of CAMP. At ARGOS, Brussels as part of new beginnings at ARGOS itself.

City Housing in a Cultural Matrix

Part I: From Janata Colony to Janata Colony premieres as an online movie on a purpose built research platform.
CAMP performs the housing histories trilogy live on 20 21 22 September during the opening week.

From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf

At Body Building
Ishara Art Foundation

A Photogenetic Line: Experimenter 2019

A 100-foot long branching sequence of cutouts drawing from the photo archives of The Hindu, a 140-year old newspaper. Cutouts here are a way of reframing existing photographs as new organisms and to create a new boundary or border for the image.

In Cameras Res at De Appel Amsterdam

On three screens, a city-symphony filmed by automated CCTV cameras in Amsterdam pushing their optical and motor 'patrolling' capacities to an extreme.

CCTV TV: An evening with CAMP

In advance of CAMP's solo at De Appel and in collaboration with LIMA - a screening of two of the studio’s earlier acclaimed projects that examine surveillance, society, and cinematic apparatus.

A Photogenetic Line : CPB 2019

New work at the Chennai Photobiennial, drawing from the photo archives of The Hindu, a 140-year old newspaper based out of Chennai.

worker photography_from ahmedabad, surat, mumbai

Save the date for this event with Aajeevika Bureau. The format is, watching 60 projected photographs over two hours, while talking about them. Several photographers will attend.

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