Fwd: Re: Archive

The Fwd: Re: Archive Seminar is the central event of a month-long gathering organised around the 10th anniversary of Pad.ma the footage archive, and the 5th anniversary of Indiancine.ma the film archive. Pad.ma, Indiancine.ma, Pan.do/ra and sister projects Bak.ma and 858.ma have further invited a group of friends, collaborators and those taking similar journeys to an event that traces the genealogies and branches of our collective endeavours, and looks to the future for how the archive looks like, as a scene of production and scholarship.

Today, we are many: filmmakers, cinephiles, scholars, programmers, archivist-activists and post-big-data artists and thinkers. How can the archival technologies and institutions that we have been developing accommodate for unforeseen types of creation and production, and what conditions need to be established, inside, around and in between archives, to keep them radically open towards the many futures that they already point towards?

The seminar is composed of an in-depth conversation format, a screening and performance program of assemblages drawn from the first week's workshop, intertwined with future-looking film scholarship and theory.


Ananya Parikh, Iyesha Geeth Abbas, Kamal Swaroop, Kaushik Bhaumik, Madhuja Mukherjee, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and other guests, joined by workshop-I participants: Alper Sen, Salma Said, Salma El Tarzi, Philip Rizk, Jasmina Metwaly, Inder Salim, Kush Badhwar, Mariam Ghani, Silvia Maglioni, Graeme Thomson and Rosemary Grennan, workshop - II participants Jenson Joseph, Satish Poduval and Mohammad Shafeeq, and Pad.ma and Indiancine.ma initiators Shaina Anand, Ashok Sukumaran, Zinnia Ambapardiwala, Sanjay Bhangar, Jan Gerber, Lawrence Liang, Sebastian Lütgert, Ashish Rajadhyaksha.

Saturday, 10 March: 3 PM - 8 PM: Library, Goethe Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai

Sunday, 11 March: 3 PM - 8 PM: G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, Mumbai

The program will be updated at Event.Pad.ma

This event is in association with Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai and G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, and is supported by the Foundation for Arts Initiatives (FfAI)



Saturday, 10 March: 3 PM - 9 PM: Library, Goethe Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai

3:00 pm
Welcome note from Pad.ma

3:45 pm
Missing, unremembered, and newly marked sequences on 858.ma, Mosireen's archive of the Egyptian Revolution.

4:15 pm
Kaya Behkalam
Augmented Archive

4:30 pm
Inder Salim
Mother of the missing son, Dog of Tithwal, and 16th June.

5:00 pm
Alper Sen, Bak.ma

5:15 pm
Conversation Between 858.ma and Bak.ma, Discussion

6:00 pm

6:20 pm
Mariam Ghani
Overflow, Reserve, and the Unfinished in Afghan Films.

6:50 pm
Prabodh Parikh
Response, Ruins

7:00 pm
Steal Them.
Discussion on documents with Simpreet Singh, and Rosemary Grennan of Maydayrooms.org

7:30 pm
Kush Badhwar
OU 101: History lesson from the late professor's trash.

8:00 pm
Satish Poduval, Mohammed Shafeeq K and Jenson Joseph
Impostors, anti-heroes and desecrated bodies - The afterlife of Communist Cinema in Kerala.

Sunday, 11 March: 3 PM - 9 PM:
G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture

3:00 pm
Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson
Transductions: Revisiting 10 Theses on the Archive - a journey from ideas to images, and back.

3:30 pm
General Purpose Editing
Story of Janta Colony 1950 to 1976

4:00 pm
Sebastian Lütgert
The Neural Image: Cinema watched by Machines

4:30 pm
Kaushik Bhaumik, Madhuja Mukherjee
Dancing in the Dark: The Curious Case of Film Scholarship.

5:10 pm

5:40 pm
Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson
Dark Matter Cinema Tarot: A Nocturnal Committee

6:10 pm
Virchand Dharamsey, Iyesha Geeth Abbas, Kaushik Bhaumik
Silent Film/Bombay City

7:00 pm
Kamal Swaroop
Crowds and Power

7:30 pm
Stefanie Schulte Strathaus
Life of an Archive: Arsenale Berlin

8:00 pm
Ananya Parikh, Mohammed Shafeeq K and Jenson Joseph
On new film teaching

8:30 pm
Closing Discussion
Archive as a Site of Production and the Future of Image Studies

Hangar for the Passerby

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